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Better Building - Smarter Building  -  Faster Building

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Who are we?

Singer For Bricks Manufacturing

  • Singer For Bricks manufacturing was established in 2003 on an area of 75,000 square meters with the latest French, Italian and Greek technology.

  • Singer For Bricks manufacturing is one of the largest and leading companies in providing smart building solutions for internal and external walls and ceilings to create a better life.

  • Our products offer energy-saving, money-saving and environmentally friendly health system solutions

We work according to specifications

  • Egyptian specification No. 4763.

  • American Standard ASTM-C62.

  • European Standard EN771-1: 2011+A1.

من نحن

1- We are lighter because we can reach a density of 700kg/m³

3 - We are the most sound insulating because the DB50 is soundproofing materials.

5- Singer brick block complies with the requirements of the environment if it is burned at 900°C to reach the clay shape, it will be of a less water absorption and a longer life up to a hundred year

Why choose Singer products among all types?


2- We are more insulating and energy-saving in buildings because our thermal insulation ability reaches 0.55 m². K° / W, so the building constructed of brick block can control the internal temperature and humidity

4 - Singer block is faster in construction and is characterized by flexibility in earthquakes, as the brick singer block can withstand more than 120 minutes at 1000 °C

6 - Singer brick block is faster and more flexible in planning and implementation in projects because it allows the designer to reduce the concrete structure and soil treatment costs by more than ten percent.


Our products

An office building with glassy facades

Load bearing wall products

Perforated Brick Block (25*12*13) cm

The brick is built on the direction (25 * 12) and the holes are to the top, the hollow ratio is 35%

  • Weight: 3.8 kg

  • Density: 950 kg/m³

  • Number of cubic meters per thousand bricks: 3.9 m³

  • Number of bricks per cubic meter without mortar: 256 bricks

1 - Mechanical Specifications

  • Compression Strength        KG/m² 40-35

  • Water absorption                 not more than 10%

  • Fire resistance                     C° 1000/m120

  • Heat insulation                    M2 K°/W 0.55

  • Sound insulation                 Db 50

2 - Additional Features

Saves on construction time and saves on the use of mortar

Cement is more insulating and resistant to heat and fire

Built with cement mortar

Singer bearing blocks

Singer bearing blocks are the future

  • Bearing walls are one of the oldest construction techniques in the world because they are designed to transfer loads to the foundations

  • Therefore, all wall block units must be designed to withstand less than 35 . KG / m²

  • Faster in building time

  • Save on the consumption of mortar and cement

  • More insulated M².K° / W 0.55

  • Its density is KG/m³ 750

منتجات الحوائط الحاملة
An office building with glassy facades

Non-load bearing wall products (light block)

الوزن كجم
التكعيب م³
عدد الطوب فى المتر المكعب

Hollow Block

1 - Mechanical Specifications

  • Brick pressure resistance:   Kg/cm²  15-20

  • Water absorption:                 no more than 10%

  • Fire resistance:                   C° 1000/m120

  • Heat insulation:                  M2 K°/W 0.55

  • Sound insulation                Db 50

2 - Extra features

  • Save time and save in the use of mortar and cement

  • (Save 50% of mortar and cement compared to other types)

  • More insulating and resistant to heat and fire. It is built with cement mortar

منتجات الحوائط غير الحاملة
An office building with glassy facades

Hordi ceiling blocks (Hollow Block Slab)

Hordi ceiling or hollow block slab

Hollow block slab

It is a type of ceiling most prevalent in building systems around the world. Its most important features are that it provides sound and heat insulation and is easy to implement. It is used in halls and large rooms, as the distances between columns can reach 8 meters and more depending on the ceiling thickness, depth and width of fallen or hidden bridges.

It is the perfect choice for residential homes.

The idea of the hordi ceiling consists simply of an iron wire mesh - a regular ceiling with a small thickness of 7 to 10 cm

Below it are small bridges called hidden nerves of appropriate thickness according to the weights carried by each nerve

(Red bricks) are placed between the nerves to reduce weight, reduce the cost of concrete and iron, and for sound and thermal insulation

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